Payments with WebMoney

To pay for our services, you can use the WebMoney Transfer.

The process of payment:

  1. Select a product or service, choose WebMoney as a payment system and click "Buy";
  2. Follow the instructions on the site
  3. After payment you will get back to the page with the notification of the account by payment.
  4. Your account will be activated within a minutes

Any questions about how to pay you can ask our support team by email

More information about payment you can find on WebMoney Official Wiki.

Webmoney Risks Acknowledgment

Offered goods and services are not provided on order of a person or company, who runs WebMoney Transfer System. We are an independent entity providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers ourselves. Companies, running WebMoney Transfer System do not receive any commission, interest fees or any other awards/refunds for the provided goods or services and are not liable for our activities.