General questions

VPN (Virtual Private Network) — is a technology allowing to transfer your data via a special secure connection to our servers located in different places worldwide. At the same time your actual IP-address shall be replaced by one of our addresses, and your actual location will be hidden. For more detailed description of the technology see the page How it works.
NO in case of users with paid access.

In case of free mode we save user transfer logs for 14 days from the date of access on a dedicated server located in an offshore zone. All the information is encrypted through RSA2048. Transfer logs shall be used SOLELY in case of claims related to the following occurrences:
  • computer networks hacking;
  • use of others payment information ( carding );
  • distribution of child pornography, spam;
  • threat to human life and health;
In all other cases, user manipulation shall be deleted after 14 days.
All servers prohibit the following activities:
  • computer networks hacking;
  • use of others payment information ( carding );
  • distribution of child pornography, spam;
  • violation of laws of server hosting countries;
Below there is a list of countries that host our servers. In case you need servers in other countries, you can contact our technical support.
Yes. We will help you bypass the limitations of Internet-censorship and to get access to the required sites.
Yes. Our service suits perfectly to access the country-limited services. Below there is a list of services accessible to you:
In case of a successful log-in ALL the applications that need network connection will use a secure channel.
No. To use our service you must be connected to an Internet service provider. It is impossible to use our service without this.
All our VPN servers use 256-bit AES encryption. The authorization procedure is protected by RSA-2048 or DH-2048 (IPSEC) encryption.

Questions before I buy

Every user has 4 hours of a free access per week.
List of acceptable currencies is given below. If youd like to pay for the services by other way convenient to you, then you need to contact our technical support.

Usage questions

Below there is a list of countries, permit/prohibiting the use of P2P.
P2P is permitted
P2P is prohibited
Usually the rate goes slightly down, as there is an increase in the number of points through which your data passes. However, the drop of the rate must be verified empirically. Usually it is around 5 - 10%.
We do not limit the traffic at your disposal.On paid subscriptions, the rate is not limited. For free subscriptions there are possible speed limits down to 512kbit/s during high load on the server.
It is permitted connect up to 4 devices at the same time.
Yes. Once connected to our VPN, you will be switched to our own DNS servers.